New Patient Registration

Accepting patients from: G31 ONLY

PATIENTS CAN REGISTER IN THE SURGERY FROM 11:00AM TO 12:00PM & FROM 2:00PM TO 4:00PM ONLY (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday only)

In order to register with the practice you should bring along your proof of address and photographic evidence (e.g. passport). As it takes a few weeks for us to receive your medical records (where applicable), you will be given a questionnaire asking for details of any previous illnesses, any current major illnesses and any medication you may be on at the moment. This should be filled in and given back to the receptionist.

If you prefer a particular doctor, please ask for an appointment for that doctor as the receptionist will give you the first available appointment for any doctor. New patients to the practice must be seen for their first appointment by one of the partners. However, not all doctors in the practice provide all services and specific doctors may not be immediately available.

Patients registering with the practice are automatically registered for ECS (Electronic Care Summary) unless they inform us that they do not wish to be registered for this. The ECS allows the Out of Hours Service and hospitals to access details of the patient’s medical history in the event of an emergency.

Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!